July 28, 2016

San Diego, CA — Tamir Biotechnology, a leading developer of antiviral therapies, announced today the publication in the peer reviewed journal Antiviral Research, of ranpirnase activity against the Ebola virus. In this study involving both laboratory (in-vitro) and an established animal (in-vivo) model of Ebola infection, the authors confirmed the ability of ranpirnase to inhibit viral replication of Ebola, reduce virus levels of Ebola of infected mice and significantly extend survival times of animals treated with ranpirnase compared to a control animal group.

Pre-Clinical Validation

Using Ebola infected VeroE6 cells, increasing concentrations of ranpirnase were tested for inhibition of the virus and a clear dose response curve was seen. To further support the in-vitro efficacy of ranpirnase, six (6) groups of mice (each group consisting of six animals; total of 36) were challenged with the same dose of Ebola virus followed by administration of 0.1mg/kg of ranpirnase twice per day for days 0-2 and once per day during study days 3-9. Groups were euthanized serially on days 2, 4, 6, 12, and 28. In comparing rates of survival, the study suggested that ranpirnase provided protection against Ebola for the majority of mice in the study. In addition to survival, no virus could be detected in the serum of ranpirnase treated mice beyond day 6 in contrast to controls. The complete publication can be temporarily viewed at

Ranpirnase– A Second Chance With Established Safety

Today, the company is actively pursuing different avenues within the US Government to continue the development pathway of ranpirnase against Ebola. As the agent can be delivered intravenously (IV), is stable under extreme temperatures, and readily scalable in a period of 4-6 weeks, the agent represents a viable approach in the global battle against Ebola. “We are pleased with the development of ranpirnase as an antiviral and expect 2016 to showcase its ability to combat Ebola along with a host of other global viral threats” noted Dr. Hodge. “

Tamir’s clinical program is led by their phase II investigation of a topical formulation of ranpirnase in the treatment of HPV genital warts. This study is currently enrolling in South America. There are an estimated 14 million new and recurrent HPV infections per year in the US alone and the global HPV market is estimated to be over $US2B in 2020. Ranpirnase for injection has been safely administered to over 1,000 subjects in previous oncology clinical trials. Armed with this history of safety and preclinical data supporting antiviral activity, management successfully restructured the organization in 2014 and redirected the organization’s focus as an antiviral platform.

About TamirBio

TamirBio is a clinical stage antiviral therapeutics company engaged in the discovery and development of a new class of prophylactic and therapeutic drugs for the treatment of viruses and other pathological conditions. TamirBio’s first target is the human papilloma virus (HPV), the worldwide leading cause of genital warts. TamirBio is also targeting the acute treatment of the Ebola (EBV), Zika, and Dengue viruses.

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